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The Unofficial F&B Preppy Handbook

With 150 issues under our needlepoint belt, there’s a lot to celebrate, including Lake Forest and Lake Bluff’s affinity to all things pink and green, patterned, poloed, and monogramed.

01-14 style 

A. Ah, the tote bag, such an essential part of a prep’s life, whether it’s to tote textbooks or used as a carryall, everyone has one. The scarf adds a personal, yet practical touch. Tote, $24.95, available at The Initial Choice in Lake Forest, 847-234-5884. Scarf, $60, available at Laura Lance Collection in Lake Forest,

B. Truth be told, a prep is never too far from her ribbon and pearls. This tote solves both problems. Purse, $250, available at Laura Lance Collection.

C. Revlon’s classic Moon Drops Lipsticks are legendary in the beauty realm, and us preps appreciate a good vintage. Moon Drops Lipsticks in “Crystal Cut Coral,” “Orange Flip,” and “Love That Pink,” $9.99 each, all by Revlon, all available at CVS Pharmacy in Lake Forest, 847-810-5991.

D. Cosmetic case, $36, available at The Initial Choice.

E. When our grosgrain headband just won’t tame our locks, we turn to the tried-and-true Mason PearsonMummy really does know best when it comes to quality. We’re glad we listened. “Pocket bristle” by Mason Pearson, $99, available at Bluemercury in Lake Forest, 847-615-3000.

F.We’ve found that nautical stripes make everything better, even the early morning commute. Coffee tumbler by Kate Spade, $18, available at Lillie Alexander in Lake Forest, 847-295-8686.

G. Like we said, we stick to the classics and Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino fragrance delivers. The cologne’s genuinely androgynous scent peppered with Italian bergamot and Sicilian lemon became our signature back in the old college days. “Neroli Portofino” eau de parfum by Tom Ford, available at Bluemercury.

H. Clutch, $34.95, available at The Initial Choice.

I. Much like Emily Post states, we write our thank-you notes promptly and always add a personal touch. Stationery, $10 each, available at The Initial Choice.

J. We can always count on Vera for playful prints. Cosmetic pouch by Vera Bradley, $22, available at The Initial Choice.

K. Enamel bangle, $, available at Laura Lance Collection.

L. Pale nails are always in style and never clash—even with that fuchsia frock from college.Spot-Light Pink” by O.P.I., available at

M. Unlike Beyoncé, when we like something rather than putting a ring on it, we monogram it. Bow, available at The Initial Choice.

N. Bright key fobs are the perfect accessory to Daddy’s old Saab. Needlepoint key fob, $27.50, available at The Initial Choice. Key fob, $20, available at Laura Lance Collection.

O. A signet ring gives us another great opportunity to add a monogram to our everyday uniform. Signet ring, $370; knot earrings, $48; both available at Laura Lance Collection.

P.Call us old-fashioned, but pearls? They really do go with anything (including all our other bracelets…don’t judge.) Pearl bracelet, $58 needlepoint cuff, $45; enamel bracelet, $45; bamboo cuff, $150 ; all available at Laura Lance Collection.

Q.Colorful stripes and punchy chevron are just what our iPhones need. We may have given into modern technology, but tradition still reigns supreme. iPhone cases, $20 each, available at The Initial Choice.

R. Nothing says prep quite like a needlepoint belt (extra points for proudly displaying your hometown on said belt). Needlepoint “Lake Forest” and “Lake Bluff” belts, $160 each, available at Laura Lance Collection.

S. Headbands: keeping those pesky bangs at bay since 1980. Tortoise headband, $18, available at J.Crew in Lake Forest, 847-735-0848.

T. Leather wallet by Marc by Marc Jacobs, available at Lillie Alexander.

U. You fought it for as long as you could, but sensible flats really are your best friend. Mummy would be so proud. Flats by Kate Spade, $228, available at Lillie Alexander.

-Kendall McKinven

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